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Why  We  Are  Different

We are NOT the stereotype of the Romanian private investigation company, selling a false image of former “agents” of various "secret services" - like the guy below.

ISG is an investigative firm based on transparency, honesty and on top line.



We  Specialize

LOCAL SERVICES for foreigners
LOCAL SERVICES for foreigners
Have you met someone from Romania on the internet who appears "too good to be true”? ISG always recommends checking them out before you get too involved. This is a good investment, as it could cost you much more in the long run
People/ASSETS Tracking
People/ASSETS Tracking
ISG can track assets or persons for a variety of reasons including: divorce matters, ongoing litigation, leverage during the course of negotiations or for any other grounded reason the client may have
due dilligence<br>
due dilligence

's due dilligence services assess the background and reputation of a potential business partner or key player in a venture before entering into a substantial financial relationship

Our team of highly trained surveillance specialists use the latest, state-of-the-art surveillance systems to give you clear, steady, identifiable video footage or photo

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