Litigation Support Services

An increasing powerful tool in the arsenal of the top law-firms and attorneys is the intelligence and the evidences gathered through private detectives agencies.
Attorneys, law-firms and general counsel rely on ISG’s legal investigation services to get quickly and efficiently the facts needed, to save you time, money and to assist in winning your case.
The expertise and experience we bring to the table wins cases for you.
ISG finds creative ways to come out ahead of your adversary. Permanently developing techniques and procedures tailored to each case, ISG’s detectives are actively involved and work closely with the clients legal teams, providing them with relevant materials in order to protect the clients' best interests.

How can ISG help an attorney:

  • identifes and locates people - witnesses, heirs or other persons connected to the case;
  • locates assets - automotive, boats, art objects, shares ownership in Romanian or foreign companies, etc .;
  • obtain details on business records, partnerships, and relationships;
  • get documents useful in the case;
  • get the property history and the history of the transfer of ownership through time;
  • identifies the target (witness, client's adversary) behavioral typologies that could reveal behaviours in order to improve the strategy of the ISG’s clients;
  • if called to trial, the ISG’s investigators will provide testimony in a straightforward and professional manner about the matters that have been the object of the investigation;
  • evaluates and verifies the strenght of the adversary's evidences (witnesses, documents, etc);
  • Trademark and Intellectual Property Monitoring. ISG can successfully police a company’s products throughout the world providing intelligence and assistance to prevent counterfeiting and improper diversion of products;
  • verifies any other aspects of the case, which the attorney wishes to clarify

We help our clients identify their adversary's strategies, sensitive points & vulnerabilities, or evidence of their misconduct.
With its extensive experience in this field, ISG provided litigation support services and gathered critical evidences for its clients. Often, the intelligence provided by ISG has led to a radical change in the defense strategy, to the client’s benefit.


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