Exhausted Your Detective Skills? ISG is Here To Help

Domestic investigations are a sensitive matter and need to be treated with respect and discretion.
We become the sine-qua-non confident of each of our customers. Thus on our shoulders is a great responsibility both legal and moral.
ISG works closely with the client or his legal advisor, to fully understand the true nature of the issue to be solved and to recommend the best way to solve it. We provide a wide range of services that help our customers find the truth about the issues that concern them.

Cheating & Infidelity Investigations

Do you suspect the partner has an affair? Statistically, 85% you are right. Whether confronting a spouse or partner or building a case for a divorce, having ironclad facts is essential to winning the case. Our private detectives team is here to help you find out the truth, put any doubt to rest and provide photo/video evidences.

Finding a Person

Whether it's reuniting you with a relative, a former colleague or a former life partner that you don't know about anymore, ISG is here to help. When your searches on Google or Facebook did not give you the expected results and you decide to call us, ISG will provide you an open and honest assessment as to whether we think the person can or will be found. We don’t take on cases that we don’t feel we can help with.

Background Investigations

When you are about to initiate a relationship of any kind with a new partner and want to to dig deep into that person’s past, ISG is here to help.Do you suspect that the new partner is hiding something? ISG will be joining together to find answers to these dilemmas. ISG provides fast and accurate information, critical to your decisions. Our background investigations can focus on: address verification; criminal/civil matters; corporate affiliation; authenticity of employment history or education history; marital cases; habits, entourage, lifestyle; financial status; bankruptcy; morality issues; employment; divorce. ISG provides complete details that reveals vital information allowing you to make your decision with confidence.

Child Custody

The children are the most important asset in any divorce. Nothing is more important than the protection and the welfare of your children. As a large part of the difficult process of divorce cases, ISG is sensitive and understands what is needed and how to accomplish the task for obtaining child custody for a husband or wife. As an investigator, there are certain child custody investigation questions that need to be asked: “How to prove a parent is unfit for custody?”; “What does a child investigator look for?”; “What do judges look for in child custody cases?”. ISG is relied upon for their knowledge, expertise and abilities at documenting child custody matters through surveillance investigations, background checks, and asset investigations. ISG will arm you with the evidence needed to win in court.

Children Monitoring

Do you want to make sure that your child's entourage is the right one? Do you notice a change in the amount of money your child spends? Is your child unjustifiably missing from classes? Do you notice that the child is neglecting school concerns and devotes himself to other kinds of activities that you do not know? ISG is with you to help you clarify all these issues and take actions on these possible problems. The ISG’s detectives easily integrate into youth groups, closely supervise all the activities your child is involved in and identify all the people who are part of your child's entourage.

Nanny Surveillance

Hiring a nanny and giving them the responsibility of looking after your children’s health and well-being in your absence is a major decision that requires careful consideration. Nothing is more important than peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your children.Want to make sure that your baby is treated as desired by the nanny you just hired? Want to know if: the nanny is neglecting her charges; she have a proper behavior/language around the child; is she violent with the baby; what kind of people does she meet while she is with your child; does she smokes around the baby; a.s.o. ISG can arrange for surveillance, in the form of covert cameras or physical surveillance, to help put your mind at ease. ISG provides a detective team, specialized in this type of investigation. We mainly use female detectives who will monitor the entire interaction of the nanny with your child.Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your concerns and determine whether it is time to initiate a surveillance operation.

Asset Search

Often, assets are concealed by your debtors in order to avoid litigation in insolvency proceedings, enforcing judgements or divorce matters. In Romania, the courts perform only a formal scrape of the records for available information, without formulating a thorough, thoughtful strategy for identifying and locating concealed or unknown assets. ISG regularly conduct these services for clients and offers detailed, comprehensive asset search services in Romania. We have extensive experience and we have developed specific procedures and strategies to identify current or unknown assets and any efforts to hide or misrepresent them through the transfer to family members, friends or other parties.

Income Sources

In litigations regarding the amount of child alimony or foreclosure of your debtors, knowing the real income sources of the debtor is vital. ISG provides intelligence support in such litigation, through finding and revealing sources of revenue hidden by the debtors.

Employment & Labor Litigation

Have you been fired and you are in dispute at law with the former employer for the abusive or unlawful sucrease of your employment contract? ISG provides full support for evidence and information gathering for you to demonstrate the terms your legal rights have been broken or if the former employer breached the terms of the contract or the labor law.


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