How much does a private investigator costs?

One of the first questions that clients want to know, even before contacting a private detective agency, is "how much an investigation costs?"

Although it is difficult to specify an exact price for each type of investigation we can carry out, we will present below some general cost guidelines.
ISG’s investigative services are tailored-made solutions for each client according to their needs.

In order to personalize the investigation and determine its final price, several factors are taken into account:
  • the client’s demands and exact needs -> the complexity of the investigation;
  • the resources needed to complete the investigation: human/technical/material;
  • the estimated time to complete the investigation; 
  • the amount of collateral expenses: travel and accommodation expenses (mostly in investigations conducted outside Bucharest); expenses for obtaining information from various institutions or other sources; the cost of acces to certain locations; etc. 
The advices we provide to our clients, both at the begining and during the investigation, are always FREE OF CHARGE.
Often, the client is faced with the dilemma of choosing between a cheap price for private detective services, but with low service quality or the proper quality of detective services, but with a appropriate fee. For this reason, ISG Private Investigators Bucharest always offers to customers competitive pricing, but uncompromising quality.

Depending on the nature of the investigation, the ISG fees are:

1.      Flat fee

The prices for some investigations may be charged in a fixed amount, depending on the nature of the investigation and the client's requests.
Investigations of low complexity - from 70 to 300 Euro
Investigations of high complexity - from 300 Euro
Mystery Shopping - from 25 Euro / unit

2.      Hourly fees

Hourly rates are the most common fee arrangements, according of the amount of time and resources required to conduct the investigation.
Tailing (mobile surveillance) - from 22 Euro / hour (total cost for the team of 3 detectives + the necessary vehicles)
Stakeout - from 15 Euro / hour (total cost for the 2 detectives team)
Child / Teen Surveillance - from 15 Euro / hour (total cost for the 2 detectives team)
Nanny surveillance - from 10 euro / hour
Covert opperations to unveil corporate fraud - from 50 Euro / day
People/Asset tracking - from 75 Euro / day or flat fee

3.      Accordingly to the customer's budget

Depending on customer requests and needs, the budget set by the client, and the ISG's assessments of the investigation nature, we can propose several ways to fulfill the investigation, that fit the allocated budget. The assessment of the investigation and the advantages / disadvantages of each proposed way of work will be brought to the client’s knowledge prior to the conclusion of the contract.
On the long term or high complexity investigations, the fees can be negotiated.


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