ISG Helps You Make More Informed Business Decisions

ISG provides tailored servcices to comply the distinct needs of each business and to gather critical information in order to help managers optimize the business development. Any business that wishes to develop and grow requires a steady stream of information.
ISG’s detectives go behind the information that's already available and find answers to help managers and executives make informed business decisions. The services offered by ISG are designed to help you discover employee theft, employee sabotage, employee misconduct, embezzlement, employee contracts and no-compete matters, business intelligence gathering and fact finding, patent and trademark matters as well as other business investigation matters.
ISG's detectives work discreetly to obtain facts and uncover the truth in each case. ISG's investigators are extensively trained and updated as to emerging trends and advances in investigative technology to better serve your business.

Pre-Employment Screening

Do you want to find out all about your next CEO? When you want to dig deeper on the informations about the candidates seeking a position that requires high security or a position of trust in your company, ISG is here to help.ISG performs complex and complete checks on the accuracy of all the applicant's claims, thus included: identity and address verification; employment history; academic verifications; professional affiliations; corporate affiliations; reasons for departure from a prior employer; character reference check.The verifications we carry out are as accurate as possible, giving you the information you need to choose the correct candidate. With ISG's pre-employment screening services, you'll be safe in the knowledge that your new hire is the one your role requires.We can also carry out thorough checks on any other collateral matter of interest for the employer.

Due Dilligence Investigations

Employees, suppliers, distributors or business partners can expose your business to financial risk, reputation damage and possible criminal liability. ISG produces compliance reports on potential business partners, vendors, distributors, and re-sellers to assess the character, integrity and reputation of potential business partners or key players in a venture before the client enters into a substantial financial relationship. We assess the qualifications and track records of the people involved in the deal, to identify potential inconsistencies, misrepresentations, omissions or controversies in their backgrounds. Our due diligence investigation may includes the following: personal and professional history; details of civil litigation and criminal case; board memberships; professional licenses; government compliance checks; financial history: personal assets, judgments, liens, bankruptcies); corporate affiliations, credit history (with consent).Understanding the personal and professional history of those key players can be the difference between a successful transaction and a complete failure.

Trademark and Intellectual Property Monitoring

ISG can successfully police a company’s products throughout the world providing intelligence and assistance to prevent counterfeiting and improper diversion of products.Whether its “knock off” products, unauthorized name use, patent and design infringement or any other trade secret issue, ISG is capable of handling your case.

Staffing Integrity Checks

Staffing integrity is a key issue for all businesses. ISG helps companies identify employees who engage in dishonest and untrustworthy behavior; those who are more likely to sell confidential information to competition; those who disregard rules, policies and procedures but also indentify those who possess high integrity and are less likely to engage in theft and other counterproductive work behaviors. These checks can be conducted undercover, while ISG’s private investigators covertly work with your employees, gain their trust and obtain the vital information you need. ISG provides multilingual staff to provide the “right” operative for the job; extensive training for undercover investigators, preparing them for all the potentials of the assignment.

Fraud Investigations

ISG uncovers theft and provides solutions. Theft of product & material; theft of time; sabotage; subversive activities are uncovered through surveillance, interrogations, background checks or asset search. Our surveillance specialists monitor those suspected of being involved in fraud and offer answers to these questions: Is fraud in your company taking place? How is the fraud being accomplished? Who is behind the fraud? What can be done to stop the fraud?

Mystery Shopping

Do you want to see your business through the eyes of the client? ISG provides qualified mystery shopping services for you to make a realistic assessment of how your company is seen by your customers. Our solutions will tell you exactly how your customers experience your brand. Exactly why are some associates more effective than others? Specifically why would your customers choose you, or a competitor? We bring you concrete, detailed answers to the questions you have about your business. We perform the specific tasks you are interested in, like: purchasing & returning items, taking a test-drive, opening a checking account, visiting your stores; asking questions of your associates; calling the call center; using or order from your website is just a small part of what ISG provides in this service.

Employment & Labor Litigations

Is your company in dispute at law with an employee or former employee? ISG provides full support for evidence and information gathering for you to demonstrate the terms under which the employee failed to comply with the employment contract or if the former employer breached the terms of the contract or the labor law.


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