Why We Are Different

Transparency ­

We approach each investigation with full transparency to the customers, who are constantly informed and provided details about our ongoing activity. We only act in full collaboration with the clients, and only with their approval.


We are the sine-qua-non confident of each of our customers. This implies a huge responsibility, both legal and moral, falling on our shoulders. We strongly believe that we can reach our goal only by complete mutual trust and collaboration. Therefore, all the information entrusted to us by our client, or obtained following the investigation, are strictly confidential.


If we can not help you, we will let you know. ISG and its detectives don’t make any promises they can not hold. However, we can support you in finding someone who is better suited to solve your problem.


We support our client in each moment of the investigation. If you found on Googlethe information you needed, then you definitely don’t need detectives. We know where to look and deeply analyze any piece of information. If we consider that you can solve the problem by yourself, we will tell you and we will also advise you in this direction.


We work quickly and efficiently in order to deliver timely results to our clients.


The clients don’t come to us for problems requiring common solutions. We are constantly developing new ways to promote our customers’ best interests. ISG provides custom-made, creative, convenient and legal solutions to each problem that our clients need to be solved. We believe that any target can be reached through creativity and dedicated work.


We permanently support our clients to find out the answers they need. Not few were the times when we assigned unpaid overtime to certain investigations, just to make sure that our customers are satisfied.


ISG operates in accordance with the Romanian legislation governing the private detective activity and industry-specific ethics. ISG does NOT obtain confidential data, does NOT intercept telephone conversations, does not “hack” e-mail addresses, does NOT enter private spaces without the owner's consent, a.s.o.

Human resources ­

The investigative activity involves increased interaction with various people, locations and situations. For this reason, in order to carry out an efficient activity and to perfectly integrate with the environment in which the investigation will be conducted, ISG detectives come from a wide variety of: ages; professional skills; physical traits (height, weight, sex). Professionalism is the key to our detectives’ success. ISG detectives are selected and known personally by the company's leaders, from the best specialists in their fields. Each detective is assigned to work in an investigation based on his/her abilities related to the nature of the investigation, in order to provide superlative results on the Bucharest investigations market. ISG also has a comprehensive network of sources and collaborators at local, national and international level.

Technical resources

In order to provide investigation services, one must hold an extremely well-developed and diversified equipment in order to support the fieldwork of the detectives and to obtain well-documented evidence. ISG has all the facilities needed to complete any type of investigation: numerous and diversified motor vehicle fleet; high performance photo/ video equipment, covert cameras, night vision equipment, specialized softwares, drones, advanced computing equipment a.s.o.


ISG Detectives - Bucharest, Calea 13 Septembrie, nr. 90
e-mail - suport@isgdetectivi.ro
tel - +40735.485001