We Find Information That You Can’t

puzzle pisica bufnita
ISG is your help in identifying the unknown.
Our only goal is - customer satisfaction. We provide informations to our customers that will help them make informed decisions or avoid costly losses. We help you find the missing pieces and fill in the puzzle of your concern.
Retaining an investigator is not something that most people do everyday, which is why we walk you through everything step-by-step from the initial engagement agreement, through our investigative report.
During the process, we are permanently available in order to complete the investigation in full transparency.

What we do

ISG handles investigations of all sorts every day, including: background investigations; complex litigation support; due dilligence, skip tracing; asset tracing; employee’s good faith testing; surveillance; infidelity maters; child custody; children/teen-agers surveillance; nany surveillance; mystery shopping; undercover operations and much more.
Our approach is simple and transparent. The main means of finding out the informations are the experience and the intelligence of our detectives. We use both official and personal sources, open sources, public records and creative investigation techniques to get the informations & answers. ISG has developed a strong and experienced team of investigators, making us proactive and efficient.

What we don’t do

We don’t use illicit or unethical methods and techniques to get informations.
We do not hack e-mail accounts nor breach forbidden data bases.
And the most important thing, if we know we can’t help you, we’ll tell you that we are not the ones to handle your case. We do not make promises that we can’t live up to, but we can help you find someone else who is better suited to solve your problem.

 How we work

We live for this stuff. We work hard and think creatively to help our customers with their needs.
Our investigations are conducted in stages, which helps our clients maintain control of the case and costs.
Initial consultation ISG – client
Assessment of the case and of the data provided by the client
ISG will provide a detailed work plan based on our recommendations and will preset the fees for the investigation. We will outline specific goals to reach within stated deadlines
Closing the contract. (acording to the complexity of the investigation a project manager will be appointed. The project manager will be in charge of building the research plan, managing the team, allocating resources, presenting results to the client)
Carrying out the investigation under the terms and conditions agreed with the client
Comprehensive data and findings analysis and discussing further directions of the investigation if required
Writing out the investigative report
Handing over the report and it’s addenda to the client


ISG Detectives - Bucharest, Calea 13 Septembrie, nr. 90
e-mail - suport@isgdetectivi.ro
tel - +40735.485001